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Category: » LARP weapons, accessories... » Forgotten Dreams - Gaelic

Gaelic 2nd Edition Lance 230cm

Gaelic 2nd Edition Lance 230cm
All FDD weapons are known for their high quality due to the long experience in the production of LRP weapons.
This weapon "made in Germany" is constructed of a fibre core covered with thick foam, which in turn is coated with latex for protection. The weapon is provided with an authentic coloring and covered with a protective glossy varnish.
The stated length indicates the total length of the weapon and may vary. For the best possible maintenance of your weapon we recommend using silicone spray.
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ID: G2230L01N
Points: 9Product information file at
Total length:230 cm
144,00 EUR
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Gaelic 2nd Edition Lance 230cm, G2230L01N, Forgotten Dreams, lance, foam weapon, latex weapon, LARP ,

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